CAR Protection Analysis Update


Humanitarian needs in the Central African Republic have reached a level not seen in five years. The resurgence of armed violence since December 2020 and the economic recession have plunged the population into great vulnerability. 9 out of 10 households use negative survival strategies to cope with the deterioration of their living conditions and well-being. Overall, the Protection Cluster estimates that 2.7 million people are in need of protection in 2022.

Humanitarian needs have increased drastically in new areas such as Koui, Bozoum or Bossangoa, considered as relatively stable a year ago. One of the direct consequences of the current humanitarian crisis is the multiplication of massive displacements of the population. Gender-based violence (GBV) remains among the most widespread violations in CAR, while children also bear the brunt of the violence, with high level of trauma, family separation and forced recruitment reported. The operational environment for humanitarian actors has also deteriorated, with increased attacks on health centers and IDP sites by armed groups.

In a new Protection Analysis Update published by the Protection Cluster in CAR, the five major protection risks are reported as follows:

  1. Sexual and gender-based violence
  2. Forced displacement, family separation, risk of eviction of IDP sites
  3. Attacks on health infrastructures
  4. Forced recruitment and use of children by armed groups
  5. Restriction of movement and humanitarian access