Annex 2: Organising your data and information: The PAF analysis process explained


This annex, Organising your data and information: the PAF Analysis Process Explained, describes how to apply the PAF in practice, principally in terms of organising data and information. It initially provides an example and initial core questions to approach the use of the PAF. It later includes guiding reflections on the use and understanding on each PAF Pillar:

  • Why the Pillar is important?
  • What are the key questions to ask and explore?
  • What are the conclusions the Pillars provide?
  • What can other sectors and disciplines provide?


The document provides elements to better understand the relation between the PAF and the Protection Risk Equation, specifically guiding on how to look at the threat´s effects on the population to identify vulnerabilities and capacities.

The Annex 2 is useful for: understanding how to operationalize the PAF approach in operations (specifically for non-information management experts).