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Mine Action
The Issue

The risk of death or injury from explosive ordnance exists in every major conflict across the globe today. Mines, explosive remnants of war, and improvised explosive devices kill or injure thousands of people. Most of the victims are civilians and half of them are children. The highest numbers of casualties are recorded in protracted conflicts where ongoing fighting adds new layers of contamination and at the same time delays clearance of the older contamination – in Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Myanmar, Syria and Yemen.

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Mine action is a specialized protection activity that cuts across all spheres of humanitarian action. Explosive hazards inhibit freedom of movement, put civilian infrastructures at risk and limit access to food, water, schools, hospitals and shelter, and ultimately, they jeopardize the safe and dignified return of refugees and internally displaced persons.

Mine action reduces danger and protects people from the physical and psychological harm caused by explosive hazards. Mine action is a vital component of humanitarian responses.


The Approach


A world in which boys, girls, men and women living in humanitarian emergencies are protected from explosive hazards and where the rights of victims are recognized and respected.



The Mine Action Area of Responsibility (MA AoR) of the Global Protection Cluster is a coordination platform that supports relevant global, regional and local actors and advocates for mine action in humanitarian settings to be timely, coordinated effectively and held accountable.


Mine Action Missions 2021


Ethiopia is faced with explosive ordnance (EO) contamination stemming from past armed conflicts. The presence of explosive ordnance threatens the security and safety of communities and hampers the development of several regions. Their removal requires surveys, clearance and the development of mine action programmes. Recent mine action assessments indicate that there is significant explosive ordnance contamination in Northern Ethiopia, especially in areas where there was intense fighting since November 2020. While the full extent of the contamination has yet to be established, explosive ordnance has already killed or injured 71 people including several children in recent months. Local communities and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) feel threatened and are pleading for mine action rapid assessment and clearance. A grave protection concern is the fear of explosive ordnance, also hindering farming and access to livelihoods.

UNMAS Ethiopia will engage with partners to mobilize resources to develop mine action programmes and support capacity development of the National Mine Action Center.

Duration: Second half of 2021

Location: Support was provided remotely. Pending Visa issuance.


Objectives of this Mission:

  • Provide technical assistance to strengthen mine action coordination.
  • Consult with relevant partners on the overall progress of the programme in general and strategic direction for future engagement.
  • Support resource mobilization for scaling up mine action in Ethiopia.
  • Advocate for participation, leadership and representation of national and local partners in mine action decision-making.
  • Learn staff views on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and communicate the work of the Secretary-General’s Task Force on Addressing Racism and Promoting Dignity for All in the UN.



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The 24th meeting of mine action Directors and United Nations Advisers (NDM-UN) was generously funded by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. Now following this fruitful meeting, Germany continues to support the mine action sector in addressing the critical subjects discussed by participants. Mine Action Area of Responsibility missions are part of the project.

Please contact with any questions.

and Mine Action

AoR Partners

Housing, Land, and Property

There are many linkages between mine action and Housing, Land, and Property.  Removing explosive ordnance changes land values and can impact land rights and land use.

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Child Protection

In recent years, and especially since 2013 there have been alarming trends and a significant increase in the killing and maiming of children as a result of accidents with explosive ordnance (EO).

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Gender-Based Violence

As one of the Areas of Responsibility, Gender-Based Violence Area of Responsibility (GBV AoR) works collectively to improve the effectiveness and accountability of humanitarian response for the prevention, risk mitigation and response to all forms of gender-based violence, to ensure that the capacity of survivors is reinforced and that prevention efforts are effectively employed to address underlying gender inequality. GBV is a widespread international public health and human rights issue.

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Mine Action Localization

The MA AoR is dedicated to supporting global commitments on localization throughout its work streams.

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2022 Facts and Figures

People in Need of Mine Action in 18 Countries
People Targeted by Mine Action
Funding Requested (US$) by some 135 mine action Organizations
Funded 2022


*This figure represents the cumulative number of people deemed to be in need of mine action assistance in 2022 Humanitarian Needs Overviews; for further details on the amount of people targeted with assistance and interventions, please see the Humanitarian Response Plan of a respective country or territory.

**The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations and the Mine Action Area of Responsibility.

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Mine Action Global Coordination Team

Mr. Bruno DONAT

Global Coordinator, Mine Action Area of Responsibility (MA AoR)
Chief, UNMAS Geneva
Phone Number: +41 22 917 1779

Ms. Hannah Rose HOLLOWAY

Co-Coordinator, Mine Action Area of Responsibility (MA AoR)
Humanitarian Disarmament and Peacebuilding (HDP) Coordinator – DRC Geneva Representation
Phone Number: +41 79 191 4784

Ms. Christelle LOUPFOREST

Deputy Global Coordinator, Mine Action Area of Responsibility (MA AoR)
Liaison Officer, UNMAS Geneva
Phone Number: +41 22 917 4741