Protection Cluster Yemen: Guidance Note on Protection Considerations for the Flood Response Protection and Areas of Responsibility (Child Protection, Gender-Based Violence, and Mine Action)


Due to the role played by heavy rains and flooding in the worsening of the humanitarian situation in the recent months and years including the loss of belongings and displacement; and in recognition of the impact of such floods in exacerbating people‚Äôs vulnerabilities and protection risks, the PC and AoRs developed a guidance note on protection considerations for the flood response. The overarching objectives of the guidance note included: advising protection and other key actors to take adequate measures to prepare and respond to flood situations; providing information on recommended protection services/activities for the most vulnerable affected groups; ensuring safe referrals for affected persons in need of follow-up services, encouraging effective collaboration and coordination with other clusters and communities in the development of an action plan to strengthen preparedness and response efforts in response to floods and related sudden-onset disasters, and ensuring the provision of lifesaving protection (including GBV/WP) interventions to the most affected at the onset of the floods as well as prevention- of incidents (including GBV/WP) in the communities at risk of floods.