National Protection Cluster - Yemen Vulnerability Criteria


In light of the large number of persons in need of humanitarian assistance as seen through the previous Humanitarian Response Plans, coupled with the shrinking humanitarian support coming into Yemen (2023 HRP was funded by 40 percent only), the need for targeting based on a vulnerability analysis becomes an important consideration in the provision of humanitarian assistance.  

The PC developed and issued the Vulnerability Criteria for Yemen, providing guidance for humanitarian actors – both protection and non-protection – on how to target the most in need based on protection and socio-economic vulnerabilities in the context of Yemen.

The document does not provide a generic list of who is vulnerable in the country. It is anticipated that each organization/partner shall assess vulnerability for each project at the planning stage before humanitarian response is started. The guidance highlights key definitions, factors, risks, and groups which should be considered to ensure measures are taken to identify and assist those most in need, and that the full range of vulnerabilities has been considered in the formulation of response strategies and projects in Yemen.