El Choco Protection Analysis Update


The Protection Cluster in Colombia recently published its Protection Analysis Updates for the Departamento de Chocó.

This Protection Analysis Update is the first to be published in Spanish and to consider an Area-Based Approach for the protection analysis. The country team, composed almost exclusively of national staff, decided to focus on sub-national level analysis to ensure a better understanding of the different realities faced by each of the regions, improving frontline protection coordination and response.

The priority protection risks identified in the Departamento de Chocó are as follows:

  1. Confinement of communities who, despite remaining in a part of the territory, lose their mobility as a consequence of the presence and actions of armed groups.
  2.  Forced displacement due to violence, threats and homicides against the civilian population.
  3. Killings of community leaders, human rights defenders and young people.

Protection Analysis Update – Departamento de Chocó