Demystifying 'Tenure' for Humanitarian Practitioners

The purpose of this guidance document is to:

  1. Clarify the concept of ‘Tenure’, which is essential to a large proportion of NRC’s programming, but remains somewhat misunderstood.
  2. Demonstrate how tenure is a way for humanitarian actors to analyse, understand and engage with relationships within conflict-affected communities.
  3. Provide teams with tools and best practices to improve the sustainability of interventions and to prevent conflicts.
  4. Establish an outline for future training.

Intended audience:

  • The primary audience of this note are NRC staff who implement (CC or thematic assistants, officers, team leaders, or coordinators) or supervise projects (Area Managers, CC/Thematic Specialists and Managers) that rely on the use of buildings, land, property, or natural resources.
  • The secondary audience include those who are responsible for communicating NRC’s work to external audiences (Heads of Programmes, Country Directors, IPAs, Grants Managers, Advocacy staff, NRC’s Senior Management Group).