South Sudan Protection Analysis Update


Despite small yet critical legislative and policy gains, numerous issues continue to affect the full realisation of Housing Land and Property (HLP) rights for the displacement affected population of South Sudan.

HLP rights are a key protection and cross-cutting issue across South Sudan. HLP issues in the country are regular contributors to conflict and displacement and are often significant obstacles to the realization of durable solutions. Equitable access to HLP remains a pivotal requirement for peacebuilding and recovery. According to the 2022 HNO, approximately 1.8 million people are affected by HLP issues and are in need of interventions.
This protection analysis update (PAU) sheds light on the main risks relating to HLP rights in the humanitarian context of South Sudan and provides recommendations for actions:

  1. HLP risks emanating from the overall conflict environment and ensuing protection crisis including physical aggression (forced evictions, destruction, theft and looting of property), and secondary occupation.
  2. Systemic HLP risks for women including discriminatory practices creating barriers for women.
  3. Wider consequences of HLP risks: exacerbating other protection risks, such as GBV, uncertainty over or loss of HLP rights has been found to be a source of psychosocial distress and deterioration in mental well-being.
  4. HLP risks as conflict contributors and barriers to durable solutions