Disaster Displacement: How to Reduce Risk, Address Impacts and Strengthen Resilience

The Words into Action (WiA) guidelines series aims to ensure worldwide access to expertise, communities of practice and networks of DRR practitioners. The guidelines offer specific advice on the steps suggested to implement a feasible and people-centered approach in accordance with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030. These guidelines are not meant to be exhaustive handbooks that cover every detail, and those who need more in-depth information will find references to other sources that can provide them with it.

Using a knowledge co-production methodology, WiA work groups take a participatory approach that ensures wide and representative diversity in sources of know-how. WiA is primarily a knowledge translation product, converting a complex set of concepts and information sources into a simpler and synthetized tool for understanding risk and learning. It is also meant to be a catalyser for engaging partners and other actors.

In summary, the WiA guidelines are pragmatic roadmaps to programming an effective implementation strategy. This is facilitated by promoting a good understanding of the main issues, obstacles, solutionfinding strategies, resources and aspects for efficient planning. The guidelines can be a valuable resource for national and local capacity building through workshops and training in academic and professional settings. They can also serve as a reference for policy and technical discussions