Protection Sector Strategy Cameroon 2024-2026


In line with the Inter-agency Standing Committee (IASC) and the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) guidance, and consistently with its terms of reference, the Protection Sector in the Republic of Cameroon strives to address the critical needs of conflict-affected populations and strengthen protection response, coordination, and search for durable solutions for internally displaced persons. Thus, the protection sector strategy considers the existing work plans for the sector in Yaounde, FN, and the cluster in NW/SW, including specific opportunities and challenges of the protection response in the country. The Protection Sector its Areas of Responsibility (AoRs): Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Child Protection (CP) and Housing, Land and Property (HLP) will provide guidance and support to the sector and cluster, to facilitate the implementation of this strategy, within the relevant context of the regions.