Legal Aid Analysis Framework Iraq Pilot Exercise – Summary Report

The Legal Aid Analysis Framework (LAAF) is a tool developed by the Global Protection Cluster’s Task Team on Law and Policy to assist humanitarian actors in conducting a comprehensive analysis of the legal aid landscape and general access to legal services within a specific humanitarian context. Iraq was selected as a pilot country for the LAAF tool and the exercise was led by a Steering Committee under the umbrella of the Iraq Protection Platform. Iraq is a unique location to pilot the tool, which was designed to assess legal aid in conflict scenarios where an active humanitarian response is ongoing, given that the decision was made to deactivate the cluster system in Iraq at the end 2022. Since the beginning of 2023, protection actors in Iraq have transitioned away from direct humanitarian assistance towards more sustainable development approaches. The flexibility of the LAAF tool proved successful in measuring and analyzing access to legal aid and other legal assistance services within this transition context.