Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Area of Responsibility (AoR)

HLP Coordination Toolkit

The HLP Coordination Toolkit contains a set of basic tools to support country-level HLP coordination mechanisms. The HLP Coordination Toolkit forms part of the broader “Protection Cluster Coordination Toolbox” available on the GPC website. The HLP Coordination Toolkit includes:

  1. Generic Terms of Reference for HLP coordination mechanism
  2. Example of Terms of Reference (HLP Task Force in Afghanistan)
  3. Matrix Template for Meeting Decisions and Actions
  4. Template for Contact List and Meeting Attendance
  5. List of HLP Needs and Response Monitoring Indicators
  6. Template of Matrix for Mapping of Activities (5W)
  7. Matrix Template for HLP Response & Funding Tracking
  8. Examples of HLP Funding Appeal Project Sheets (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan)
  9. Examples of HLP Advocacy Materials (Pakistan & Syria)
  10. One-pager introducing the global HLP AoR HeLP-Desk
  11. Generic Terms of Reference for recruitment/deployment of HLP Advisor
  12. Request Form for HLP support from Norwegian Capacity roster

The HLP AoR Coordination Toolkit will be updated on a regular basis according to the emergencies in the field and the needs of the country teams. Please share country examples and don’t hesitate to provide feedback on existing tools.


CONTACT: Global HLP AoR Coordinators:  Jim Robinson jim.robinson@nrc.no | 

Ombretta Tempra ombretta.tempra@un.org