Afghanistan Media Monitoring October 2021


With the overall objective of better guiding and supporting the ongoing operations and activities in Afghanistan, the GPC is launching a media monitoring to:  

  • Highlight relevant information and trends in media for operational purpose.  
  • See how to influence the overall narrative or address specific priority issues. 
  • Reach out to journalists/news outlets to feed them with information and talking points.  


  • The GPC is using a Web app – ‘Meltwater’ which offers comprehensive media monitoring and analysis across online news, social media, print, broadcast, and podcasts. It tracks keywords connected to the topics that matter and aggregates all public online and editorial content that mentions the keywords.  
  • The generated articles are then extracted from the Web App and undergo a cleaning process wherein only articles that are relevant directly and indirectly to the Protection Cluster work are selected.  
  • The final list of articles is tabulated into 3 categories of news as follows –
  1. Context (Conflict, Political and socio-economic landscape, Institutional, legal and normative landscape)
  2. Protection threats and effects on population (Main threats, Specific risks to civilian population, women & girls, children)
  3. Humanitarian and local response capacities (Operational response, Statements and Press releases)

News Outlets List 

Afghan Online Press,  AFP,  Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera, Al Manar, Alemarah English, Ariana News, Associated Press, BBC News, CNN Arabic, CNN, Deutsche Welle, France 24, Guardian, Kabul Press, Middle East Eye, Norwegian Refugee Council, Official News Pakistan, Politico, Press TV, ReliefWeb, Reuters, The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, The Irish Times, The New Humanitarian, The New York Times, The UN Refugee Agency, The United Nations Office at Geneva, Tolo News, UNICEF, United Nations Population Fund, Xinhua News, Yahoo News 

Frequency of dissemination

The GPC has been broadcasting this brief via email on a daily basis since 30 Aug and throughout the month of September. For the month of October this brief will be disseminated every Monday, on a weekly basis.

Practical application for protection clusters

Easy sharing – As the Media Monitoring Brief is shared on email format, it makes it easy for cluster coordinators to share to other colleagues and partners working in the operation, to have a quick and easy review of news and events.

Protection Analysis Update – The protection focused or protection related set of articles, can be useful when analyzing the protection needs and context, thus complimenting the quarterly Protection Updates for the Protection Cluster.

Advocacy for Donors – The summaries provided in the brief will be useful when preparing for donor briefings, so that key events and protection needs of specific groups are not left out.