HPG - Complementary Approaches Between International and Local Protection Advocacy: ‘Don’t Speak For Me, I’ll Speak For Myself’

This paper explores current practice of complementary advocacy between national actors and international humanitarian actors to strengthen the protection of conflict-affected populations, with a particular focus on Jordan and South Sudan. It examines the factors that enable complementary approaches to advocacy, the challenges and risks involved and opportunities to strengthen complementary and collaborative approaches to protection advocacy. The paper draws on rapid research based on a limited set of interviews and focus group discussions with national and international actors working in and on Jordan and South Sudan.

It is complemented by interviews with representatives of national and international forums and platforms. This study is part of HPG’s 2019–2022 Integrated Programme of research on protection advocacy, which explores the current practice of protection advocacy by a range of international humanitarian actors and their collaboration with national and international actors within the humanitarian sector and beyond.