PC SSD PROMO PMS In the Spotlight Feb 2023

During the regular PROMO meeting on March 10th, some 30 Protection Cluster PMS focal points met to discuss the available statistical findings derived from the system, assess key geographical areas of immediate need for humanitarian intervention and issue recommendations.

The 2022 - 2023 dry season in South Sudan has seen an increase in communal and non-international armed conflict, leading to the forced displacement of over 100,000 people since December 2022, which in turn reflect the recorded increases of protection related violations and challenges. Overall, there are a reported 2.2 million IDPs in the country.

In February 2023 the monitors for the PMS have noted a marked increase (compared to January 2023) in the lack of security and safety by 15%, child protection issues including child marriages (15%) and recruitment (22%) and family separations (16%) as well as conflict related GBV which is flagged by more that 60% of key informants.

The continued implementation of the peace agreement and the strengthening of safety and security as well as engagement with communities, authorities, peacekeepers and other stakeholders is required to reduce inter-communal violence and enhance the protection environment in South Sudan.