Protection Funding: Where do we Stand in 2023?

The Global Protection Cluster (GPC) Annual Donor Meeting, entitled â€˜Protection funding: Where do we stand in 2023?', will serve as a moment of critical reflection in understanding and addressing the priority gaps, trends and opportunities with our collective efforts to strengthen the protection of communities impacted by crisis.

Funding for protection

The event will share the latest analysis of funding levels for the protection sector against the requirements put forward in the 2023 Humanitarian Response Plans, drawing attention to underfunded operations and the progress being made with support to national partners and specialized protection areas. As part of the event, the GPC will launch its 2023 Protection Funding Review, a report which presents tangible findings into protection resources, which operations and types of protection actors are receiving the resources and where the gaps are in terms of meeting the protection needs of people amidst growing crises globally. Building on the UNOCHA Financial Tracking System (FTS), the Global Protection Cluster collects data on protection funding directly from the partners of national Protection Clusters and Area of Responsibilities in 31 operations, allowing for a more detailed analysis of protection funding levels and trends. Organized in October, this event will bring attention to protection priorities before the start of the 2024 Humanitarian Programme Cycle, ensuring protection remains central to this planning process.

Enabling frontline responses

Through the report and the event, the GPC will advance a strong focus on funding to local partners, driving collective reflection and action on how humanitarian and protection actors, from local to global levels, can more effectively work together to meet the growing protection challenges communities face as conflict, crisis and displacement continue at staggering levels. It will set the direction for principled and strategic partnerships aligned with the commitments of the Grand Bargain. Alongside this funding dimension, the event will also serve as a space to highlight protection action around the world. This year, the GPC is focused on advancing shared understanding of trends and opportunities in relation to community-based protection, including efforts directly led by affected communities, and how such approaches are driving protection outcomes in some of the most complex crisis contexts.

The event will be hosted by Norway and moderated by the Global Protection Cluster. It will include perspectives from a number of national Protection Cluster Coordinators, local and international protection partners, donor Government representatives and other protection champions. The event will be closed-door and private.