Framework for Drafting Comprehensive Protection of Civilians (POC) Strategies in UN Peacekeeping Operations

This Framework provides the parameters and key considerations for drafting comprehensive protection of civilians (POC) strategies1 , which are essential for missions to ensure the most effective implementation of POC mandates authorized by the Security Council. Comprehensive POC strategies are designed to bring coherence in approach, minimize gaps, avoid duplication and maximize the mission’s ability to ensure the protection of civilians through the use of its available capacities (civilian, military, police and support elements of the mission). By clarifying the role and activities of the mission and modalities of interface with key partners, comprehensive POC strategies also ensure better coordination with other actors working on POC. Additionally, POC strategies are an important tool for senior mission leadership to ensure that missions take a pro-active approach to POC. Senior mission leadership have an important responsibility in this respect, and must remain engaged in both the development and implementation of comprehensive POC strategies.