Sudan Protection Analysis Update


In 2021, the protection landscape changed significantly with the departure of UNAMID and the military coup d’état on 25th October 2021. In the same year, partners reported the displacement of 450,000 persons in the country. The current levels of violence in Darfur have been unseen since the mid-2000s. There is also a marked increase in the South Kordofan and, to some extent, in Blue Nile States. Significant protection risks faced by civilians include attacks on the right to life, displacement, secondary displacement, GBV and denial and impediments to access to services.

The Sudan Protection Sector recently published a national Protection Analysis Update (PAU) as well as two sub-national PAUs focused on West Darfur and North Darfur as they host the majority of conflict-affected and displaced persons and remain the hotspots of the crisis in Sudan. These analyses shed light on five concerning developments and their protection implications for the civilian population in Sudan.

  1. Attacks on civilians, civilian infrastructure and unlawful killings
  2. Displacement and secondary displacement due to violence and conflict
  3. Impediments and restrictions to access resources, opportunities, services, documentation and justice
  4. Gender-based violence
  5. Grave violations against children