COVID-19 Protection Risks and Responses: Situation Report 7, August 24, 2020.

As we approach the 75th anniversary of the UN, the destabilizing impact of COVID-19 on the humanitarian, peace and development landscape is clear, yet the political action and/or will to address the deteriorating situation is less so. Donor fatigue and new crises, such as Lebanon, put additional strain on an already stretched system, while political wrangling and paralysis at some of the highest levels of Governments leave collective approaches for better outcomes unattainable.

We are entering a complex phase of the COVID-19 response. Some of the biggest challenges lie ahead as the humanitarian community responds to the pandemic while lockdowns ease, increasing the risk of heightened transmission. It is vital that more is done to ensure the perpetuation of human rights violations does not continue with impunity, so that people can reach life-saving services safely to stop the spread of the disease.