Each year, the Global Protection Cluster (GPC), including its Areas of Responsibility and its Strategic Advisory Group, organizes a Global Protection Forum with partners and field coordinators to review emerging challenges, learnings, and opportunities in relation to the protection of communities affected by conflict and disaster. The Forum is dedicated to the broader constituency of the GPC and designed to foster dialogue on current protection priorities, discuss emerging issues and present new evidence and good practices on a chosen theme across Protection Cluster operations.

The Forum, taking place this year from 23rd October to 2nd November, will include an opening ceremony, six core sessions and two interactive spaces. Simultaneous interpretation (French, Spanish, Arabic) will be available, and all sessions will enable interactive online participation.


Thematic Focus – In the Hour of Need: Advancing Prevention and Proactive Protection

This theme will focus on the range of protection approaches and interventions being advanced by protection actors in support of prevention of and response to violence, conflict, and human rights abuses. This includes the efforts of protection actors to prevent harm and mitigate further protection risks, as well as the responsive actions taken amidst violence and civilian harm. This theme aims to highlight the role of Protection Clusters and actors during the ‘hour of need’ for communities affected by crises, unpack emerging challenges and advance sharing of promising practices that respond to the risks and needs experienced by diverse populations.

Amidst growing levels of conflict and violence globally, the Global Protection Forum will serve to highlight the roles and approaches of protection actors in ensuring preventative and responsive interventions that drive protection outcomes for affected communities. The Forum in 2023 will provide a space for the protection community to move away from a ‘process-orientated’ approach and instead focus on protection-centered actions, impact, and outcomes amidst the response phase to humanitarian crises. A sharper focus on preventing protection risks from the outset and ensuring timely, accountable, and locally driven protection response is increasingly critical in the current context of spiraling numbers of people in need, limited resources and need to do protection work differently.

For more information, consult the Global Protection Forum 2023 Concept Note.