Housing, Land and Property (HLP) - The 'Golden Thread' between Humanitarian Response and Solutions?

Housing, Land and Property (HLP) matters are at the heart of displacement.  Having a safe and stable place to live and sustainable access to land and natural resources for livelihoods, access to construction materials, and water, are matters that affect people at all phases of displacement or crisis. IDPs and refugees are forced to leave their home and land without knowing where they will be living and whether they will ever be able to go back. 

Our experience indicates that HLP issues arise, in one form or another, in all humanitarian response contexts and during every phase of response, including as a vital component of long-term, effective and durable solutions. 

Drawing on a range of operational experiences, this session will explore these links across the humanitarian, development and peace nexus. Rooting current policy discussions in ongoing responses, we will discuss why HLP is a golden thread between emergencies and solutions, which cannot be neglected at either end of a response if we are to see effective outcomes and people living with safety, security and dignity.