Global Protection Forum 2023: Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony launched the two-week Global Protection Forum, which took place 23rd October – 2nd November 2023. The one-hour session framed the Forum’s focus on Prevention and Proactive Protection and highlighted the role that protection actors can play during the ‘hour of need’ for communities affected by crises. Speakers reflected on what we understand by ‘prevention’ and ‘proactive protection’, and why they are so relevant in an increasingly complex protection environment. The Opening Ceremony attracted participants to the upcoming Forum sessions and highlighted its role as a collaborative space to develop shared understanding of the theme, as well as opportunities to share promising practices that respond to the risks and needs experienced by diverse populations.

Keynote interview with Mr. Volker Türk, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Panelists explored why prevention and proactive protection matter, and the role of protection actors before and during the 'hour of need'.

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