Field Coordination Package

Welcome to the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) Field Coordination Package!

The Field Coordination Package is a one-stop shop that brings together all minimum requirements, key deliverables, tools, templates, guidance, best practices, to support Protection Clusters in fulfilling the Core Functions of a Cluster as per the IASC. It is designed both for new coordination teams, who need support with the first actions to take when joining a Cluster, as well as current coordination teams looking for more in-depth details on specific topics relevant to Protection Cluster work.

The Package is organized around two pillars: the Starter Pack, which provides a step-by-step guide when joining a Cluster/activating a new Cluster, and the Operational Footprint, structured around the Core Functions of a Cluster.

In addition, the Key Reference Documents section brings together key background documents that are important to know, including on the humanitarian coordination architecture and the Cluster system, and the GPC Field Support section provides direct access to different kind of support provided by the GPC.

Let's get started!

The Operational Footprint

Setting up the Cluster

Mapping operational actors

Referral Pathways

Information Sharing Protocols

Coordination and engagement with other forums and stakeholders


Joint Protection Analysis

PAU and briefings

Protection in multi-sectoral assessments/monitoring

The Humanitarian Program Cycle (HPC)

Protection strategy


HCT Protection strategies

Other planning processes


Response progress review

Funding monitoring

Program and service quality monitoring


Preparedness and contingency planning


Transition strategies

Collective Protection Advocacy

Shape and support ICCG/HCT Advocacy

Donor engagement

Media and communication

Code of Conduct, PSEA, Child Safeguarding

AAP and Complaints and Feedback Mechanisms (CFM)

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)