Global Protection Technical Forum Report

Every year, the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) organises its Global Protection Forum to convene its field coordinators, partners, and key stakeholders to discuss contemporary and emerging protection challenges, review the strategic direction of the Protection Cluster, and plan activities to be undertaken at field and global level for the upcoming year. The programme of the 2022 Global Protection Forum includes the following elements: a Technical Segment (April 2022), a Funding Mid-Year Review (June 2022), a Thematic Segment (October 2022), and an End-of Year Event (December 2022).

The Technical Segment took place from 28 March to 29 April 2022. This year, the GPC opted for a modality of regional workshops in four different locations over the course of five days. These series of regional workshops were the first forums to be organized in person since 2019, taking some time to reflect after coming out of a two year pandemic. The regional forums were operationally oriented and provided opportunities for field coordination teams to engage and exchange on a range of protection priorities, technical development and standards.

Overall, 267 participants joined the four forums (121 in-person and 168 online). Participants included Global, National and Sub-national Coordinators, Co-coordinators and Information Management Officers (IMO) from 34 operations and coordination hubs, AoRs Global Coordinators, colleagues from UNHCR regional bureaux and from regional Protection Working Groups, Global Coordinators of other Clusters, and donors.