Sudan Protection Hotspots and Conflict Events


This map lays out the protection hotspots maintained by the protection sector as of February 2023 with the feature of the current conflicts between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The escalation of conflict in Sudan has caused the destruction of civilian infrastructure and has forced people to flee their homes seeking safety, protection and assistance. Despite the recently declared ceasefires, hostilities between the SAF and the RSF have persisted since 15 April 2023.

The DTM (Displacement Tracking Matrix) estimates that approximately 736,223 individuals (149,599 households) have been displaced internally as a result of the conflict.

Prior to the crisis, Sudan was already home to 3.7 million displaced persons. Furthermore, UNHCR reports that over 150,000 people comprising Sudanese refugees as well as refugees of various nationalities who had found shelter in Sudan, have left Sudan under challenging conditions. They have sought refuge in neighboring countries or returned to their home countries, primarily Chad, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Egypt, and Ethiopia..

More than 550 civilians, including 190 children, have been killed and more than 4,900 have been injured.

From 15 April to 7 May, over 170 conflict events have targeted civilians. The highest number of conflict events have been recorded in Khartoum (80).