GPC Guidance Note: COVID-19 Global Protection Response GPC Support Options

COVID-19 pandemic created a global health and human rights crisis that requires a collective humanitarian response that goes beyond existing coordination platforms. In April 2020, The UN issued a COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP) aiming to fight the pandemic through a multi-partner multisectoral response plan. The GHRP is based on three priorities: Contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and decrease morbidity and mortality; Decrease the deterioration of human assets and rights, social cohesion and livelihoods; Protect, assist and advocate for refugees, internally displaced people, migrants and host communities particularly.

The GHRP is guided by humanitarian and protection principles so the protection of the affected people is at the center of the humanitarian response. To this end, the plan intends to prevent, mitigate and end all risks producing harm to the affected people. This requires a continuous analysis of the risks people face, and the commitment of all humanitarian actors to address those risks. It also implies incorporating protection principles and promoting meaningful access, safety and dignity into the humanitarian response.