Operational monitoring

One if not the core purpose and rationale for cluster coordination is to identify and address both duplications and gaps in the delivery of life saving services. To this end, it is essential for field Clusters to map the presence of protection partners on the ground (3W), and to monitor and regularly update their information on Who does What, Where, When and for Whom (5W). The 3W & 5W allows Clusters to ensure that Protection partners are providing priority services in the relevant geographic areas to assist the most affected populations in line with Cluster priorities informed by collective protection analysis updates (see Core Function 2). It supports response coordination and strategic response planning by identifying gaps and duplication in service delivery in terms of both geographic coverage, and service provision (see Core Function 3). It also helps tracking progress in the response against strategic objectives and target populations (see Core Function 4). Finally, it also helps Clusters in developing targeted advocacy with donors on critical needs in the response and define funding priorities (see Core Function 6). The information collected should be uploaded on the GPCdata online platform on a regular basis to allow global tracking of response progress and trends.

Update the 3W/5W data monthly

Address gaps and duplication in service delivery by engaging partners and donors

Update GPC data on a quarterly basis