Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) Guidance and Tools

The HPC and Global Protection Cluster guidance and tool provides a robust framework for integrating essential protection principles into the broader Humanitarian Program Cycle (HPC). Designed to streamline and enhance humanitarian responses, the guidance and tools provided here ensures that the safety, dignity, and rights of affected populations are central in all phases of humanitarian interventions. By emphasizing coordination, it promotes a systematic and consistent approach to addressing protection needs, from needs assessment to strategic planning and implementation. This tool serves as an invaluable resource for humanitarian actors aiming to provide effective and accountable assistance to those in need.

Protection Cluster Severity and People in Need (Old Methodology)

This tutorial video, complemented by a user-friendly MS Excel tool, presents the methodology employed by the Protection Cluster for determining severity and Population in Need (PiN).

While this methodology remains valid for the 2024 Humanitarian Program Cycle (HPC), it's essential to note that operations are free to choose either this methodology or the new proposed variation presented in the above section. However, starting from the 2025 HPC, there will be a mandatory transition to the new methodology for assessing Severity and PiN.