Service mapping and referrals

At the individual service level, the protection and AoR coordinators should work together to ensure that information on essential services is available for gaps analysis as well as life-saving referrals. Bearing in mind established protocols, particularly by Child Protection and GBV, the Cluster and AoR coordinators should work together to ensure complementarity of service mapping and referral mechanisms among the whole spectrum of protection services, particularly to ensure effective case management and individual protection assistance. Protection Cluster and AoRs, together with OCHA and other clusters, can work together to map and update information on available services, harmonize referral mechanisms and practices, and sensitize humanitarian actors on safe and appropriate referrals of survivors and persons at risk to relevant protection actors and other life-saving service providers.

For further information/support on service mapping and referrals, you can contact Cecile Rossi, consultant at the GPC, at:

Ensure complementarity and updated mapping of service providers on a regular basis, with due regard to established protocols and safeguards

Adopt and disseminate referral minimum standards

Sensitize humanitarian actors on minimum standards on safe and appropriate referrals