Launch of Policy Brief on Opportunities and Challenges: Collaborative Advocacy by Humanitarian and Human Rights Actors

There is a general acknowledgement that addressing the complex protection threats that civilians affected by armed conflict face requires a holistic, multi-disciplinary response from international actors. Current policy discussions on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus and the UNSG’s Call to Action for Human Rights, including in crisis contexts, have pushed this issue further up the aid agenda but are also raising key questions about how such collaborations can work or are working in relation to enhancing protection of civilians affected by conflict and crisis.

Following the publication of an HPG policy brief on strategic advocacy partnerships between humanitarian and human rights actors, HPG and the Global Protection Cluster Human Rights Engagement Task Team will co-host an online public event to disseminate and discuss the findings of this research, including the lessons learnt identified for future collaboration between humanitarian and human rights actors. The event will take the form of a panel discussion that includes key practitioners from the two spheres, and from both the field and headquarters. Panellists will be invited to share their own experiences of collaboration, as well as commenting on the findings of the research.

Advocating for better respect for international law by conflict parties is an activity which multiple aid actors are engaged in throughout the duration of a conflict or crisis. But to what extent are these efforts coordinated or even complementary? This event will discuss examples of effective collaborations between international humanitarian and human rights actors in trying to influence conflict actors vis a vis their behaviour towards civilians. The panel will also ask what are the challenges and risks in this respect – particularly (but not only) for humanitarian action? And what are the opportunities for greater collaboration?