Enhancing Preparedness for Protection in the Context of Climate Change and Disasters, Global Protection Forum 2021

Preventing and preparing for internal displacement during armed conflict is notoriously difficult. In comparison, the more predictable, cyclical or slow-onset nature or geographic location of many hazards, such as hurricane season, volcanic eruptions or droughts, means that much can be done to reduce the protection risks for all displaced persons and the risk of disaster displacement before events occur. Disaster risk reduction (DRR), preparedness, anticipatory action approaches, climate change adaptation and development measures that address the underlying causes of vulnerability and displacement can do much to mitigate and prevent disasters and with climate change increasing the severity and frequency of many events are becoming even more important.

While much work has been undertaken examining the relationship between climate change and displacement, further clarity remains on the protection risks resulting from displacement in the context of climate change, protection actor’s role in addressing protection risks related to climate change, and what needs to be done differently to effectively address protection risks related to climate change and forced displacement.

The GPC is committed to ensure that field protection clusters, AORs and partners are prioritizing all protection concerns to avoid protection gaps in the context of climate change and disasters that would negatively affect vulnerable communities through ensuring appropriate preparedness measures. This is further outlined in the GPC’s Strategic Framework 2020-2024 in which the GPC commits to meet the challenges to make protection actions contextually appropriate and complementary. This includes the importance of joint analysis to achieve effective and appropriate protection outcomes especially in situations where risks include a mixture of natural hazards exacerbated by climate change, conflict (and climate changes impact on violence and conflict) and security challenges including violent extremism.