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Gaza Protection Analysis Update


Protection needs in Gaza continue to be driven by a protracted protection crisis with most Palestinians struggling to meet basic needs and live in dignity. The crisis is characterized by more than 55 years of Israeli military occupation, a military blockade of Gaza since 2008 affecting all aspects of life. It is also marked by violations of international law (IL) and lack of accountability by both Israel and Gaza de facto authorities, unresolved internal Palestinian political divisions and recurrent hostilities between Israel and Palestinian armed groups.This Protection Analysis Update (PAU) focuses on risks and threats across the Gaza Strip from the period January-June 2022.

The priority protection risks in Gaza are:

  1. Deterioration in physical well-being due to violence and conflict
  2. Internal displacement    
  3. Psychosocial distress and deterioration in mental health
  4. Child protection threats and grave violations against children    
  5. Specific protection risks for women and girls   
  6. Explosive remnants of war