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Elizabeth Flint

Trafficking in Humanitarian Crises Consultant

Elizabeth Flint joined the GPC in January 2023 as a Trafficking in Humanitarian Crises Consultant. She is currently undertaking a stock take of anti-trafficking responses across the Global Protection Clusters to identify the extent to which trafficking prevention and protection has been embedded in cluster responses. She is also preparing for trafficking themed Expert Roundtables at the GPC. She has expertise in identifying trafficking risks, needs and vulnerabilities, including risk of re-trafficking, from her long-standing work as an anti-trafficking practitioner, including case management and supervisory experience and as an Expert Witness for trafficking and modern slavery cases in the UK, a role in which she has worked extensively with trafficking survivors from all over the world.  She has some resettlement experience with UNHCR, in Namibia. She is an experienced trainer and supervisor on trafficking and modern slavery, trauma-informed approaches to working with trafficked persons and to self-care for professionals working with trafficking survivors. She holds a master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies. She has done varied consultancy work including project development, participatory research, facilitated focus groups, designed policy, and developed practice recommendations and has done best practice documentary film supervision on ethics, anonymity and working in a trauma informed way.